Oil Boilers, Tanks & Fuel Lines

Oil services offered include boiler installation, servicing and repairs heating system and fuel storage improvements.

Boiler Services

Annual boiler services are strongly recommended and The Plum Job is building a customer base of homeowners who appreciate the peace of mind that a thorough clean and tune-up brings.

The price of an oil boiler service is £95 with includes a replacement nozzle and full OFTEC documentation.  Any additional materials recommended (such as a new flexible hose or valve) will be discussed prior to fitting.

Key elements of an annual boiler service include:

disassembling and cleaning the heat exchanger(s) to remove deposits and optimise heat transfer

– removing the jet burner and replacing the atomising nozzle, cleaning the pump filter, cleaning the air intake and ensuring that the oil supply line is in good condition (incl. fire valve testing)

– firing the cleaned unit and adjusting the combustion in accordance with manufacturer guidelines

– undertaking a risk assessment of the oil tank and providing OFTEC service documentation


As a member of Grant’s G-One accredited installer scheme, 5 year warranties are offered on new oil boiler installations.  Please contact richard@theplumjob.com to arrange a site assessment and quotation.



Tank Replacement

Upgrading to a new, safe and secure tank can be a daunting prospect for any homeowner but fear not!  The Plum Job offers the following services to facilitate the task:

– advise on the siting requirements and specification of a new tank

pump out, filter and hold up to 440 litres of fuel in temporary storage

– disconnect the fuel line and prepare the old tank for removal

– pressure test the oil line to assure a leak-free connection

connect and commission the new tank according to manufacturer and OFTEC guidelines




The process of fuel filtration is a valuable one that can be performed whether or not the tank is to be replaced.  An old tank can be drained, and 100% clean kerosene re-filled to ensure continuous healthy operation.  Only a small amount of water or grit in your fuel can do untold damage to the pump in a boiler and leave homeowners  without heat until a repair can be made.  Minimise that risk by requesting the fuel filtration service and sleep easy (and warm).


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Oil & Heating Services